Look in the right sidebar of this page.  Do it now.  See that?  No ads.  Now look in the left sidebar.  No ads there, either.  In fact, you can search high and low throughout all of the pages and posts on The Suitcase Scholar, and you won’t find any advertising anywhere.  And you likely never will.

What does this mean to you?  Well, first of all, it means that all content here on The Suitcase Scholar is completely determined by what I think will be helpful for travelers like yourself.  I am not forced to determine if a post about a certain event, attraction, hotel, restaurant, museum, or tour would be a conflict of interest to one of my sponsors.  It means that your reading experience is less cluttered; you’ll only be distracted by my over-saturated photographs, not by splashy, blinking ads.  It means that at no point am I ever going to try to sell you anything.

It also means that I do not make any money from this site whatsoever.

I maintain The Suitcase Scholar part as a public service and part as a labor of love; it is my singular passion in life.  However, it does cost money to run the site.  And it definitely costs money to travel.  Thus, if you’d like to help me continue to bring my stories, tips, reviews, and photographs to the online world, I urge you to make a donation–small or large–to The Suitcase Scholar.  All money will go towards funding future blog trips–I can guarantee this, as all money I make anywhere–my paycheck, my Christmas money, even change I find in the couch or under my floor mats–goes to travel.  So I’d be extremely appreciative for any extra assistance you may be able to provide me.

How I’d Spend Your Money


Be a pal–buy a girl a drink!

A donation of $5.00 would pay for an audio guide at a museum, two weeks of web-hosting, or a drink in a pub I’m reviewing.

A donation of $20.00 would pay for a city walking tour, a month’s worth of URL and web-hosting, or a meal in a restaurant I’m reviewing.

A donation of $50 would pay for a simple motel room for the night, a tank-and-a-half of gas, a CityPASS for a number of major cities or an extremely advance-purchase train ticket.

A donation of $100 would pay for a one way plane ticket, a room in a unique boutique hotel in many cities around the world, or a food or nature tour or excursion.

A donation of $20,000 would allow me to live for a year without working and devote my entire life to writing about travel.

Of course, any amount is appreciated.  Even a donation of $1, when combined with other similar donations, helps a lot.  Additionally, I always am open to donations of lodging, transportation, or tour opportunities.  Please see my Media Kit for information on how you can assist me in this way–that is, if you happen to be a travel or tourism professional.  I love the barter system, and I’ve found that many companies and organizations do, too.

To donate, just follow the directions below.  Thanks for visiting, and thanks for considering making a donation to The Suitcase Scholar!


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