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Off to Sea Once More: A Weekend on the NCL Breakaway


In four short days, I’ll be boarding Norwegian’s brand new ship, The Breakaway.  It is the second of two promotional two-day sails to introduce the ship before her first voyage to Bermuda on Sunday.   And while it is technically a cruise to nowhere (and while I typically enjoy going somewhere), I’m excited about it for several reasons.

1.  Did I mention that it is a brand-new ship?  I’ve never been on a brand-new ship before.  So that alone is pretty exciting.

2.  It is an NCL ship.  My first solo cruise was on the NCL Gem.  I loved the NCL Gem.

3.  I’m going solo again.  And there’s nothing better than being solo at sea.

4.  The Breakaway is my kind of ship; it features a new design element, a boardwalk-like area called The Waterfront.  I’ve been on other cruise ships that felt so enclosed, it was more like being at a mall than being on a ship.  Thus, I’m pretty psyched about The Waterfront.  Perhaps I’ll even get lucky enough to score an outside table for dinner one of the two nights!

5.  The Breakaway sails from New York City, which is what I consider to be my ‘home port’–as I’m only an 80 minute bus ride outside of the city.  Sailing out of NYC is the easiest trip I can possibly take.  Oh–and I love New York.

6.  There will be other people on board (obviously) and I love meeting new people.  Perhaps you are reading this because you, too, will be on board.  If you see me–say hello!  I’m very friendly!

But the thing I’m most looking forward to is simple–being on a ship at sea.  I love being on the water; a ferry, a sailboat, a cruise ship–I don’t care.  Just put me on something that floats and sail me far enough out that I can’t see land anymore.  And I’m happy.

I will be Tweeting my thumbs off while on board, so if you’d like real-time updates from the NCL Breakaway, please follow me @TracyAntonioli

That being said–what would you like to see?  I’m good at taking suggestions!  Ask for info or photos in the comments below, and I’ll do my best to provide.  Of course, upon my return, I’ll be publishing several Breakaway posts in the days and weeks to come.  So be sure to subscribe to The Suitcase Scholar–or ‘like’ The Suitcase Scholar on Facebook or, again, follow along on Twitter.

Disclosure:  I am being hosted by NCL–as is everyone else on this preview sailing.  However, all opinions, tweets, and posts are always my own. And I’m always–ALWAYS–honest. 

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