Greetings Suitcase Scholar readers!  Thanks for visiting my Disclosure Statement page.  Here you will learn a little bit about my method for assuring that all events, activities, tours, and lodging that I review–or even mention–here on The Suitcase Scholar are fair, balanced reviews.

You will occasionally see a disclosure statement at the end of a blog post that indicates when something has been provided at a reduced cost or offered on a complimentary basis in exchange for blog coverage of that experience.  In that statement you will see something like this:

While _______ has been provided at a free/reduced rate, all opinions are, as always, my own.  If something sucks, I’ll tell you; if something is great, I’ll tell you that, too.  

However, there’s something else important to note here.  You may be wondering why all of my ‘free or reduced’ experiences have been, for the most part, positive.  That’s the secret.  It’s because I do research before I even ask for anything, and I don’t accept offers of lodging, tours, or experiences that I don’t think I’d enjoy.  Case and point–you won’t ever see a camp site reviewed here; same goes for a bicycle tour or a sporting event.  Because I don’t like those things–or, in the case of the bike tour, I’d be epically awful at them–so I would not review them well.  I’m not here to bash bad experiences, and I’m not just here to get free stuff.

My theory is–if I’m going to do something and I know I’m going to review it anyway, I may as well get something in exchange for that review.  I love The Suitcase Scholar–it is the best hobby I’ve ever had or can imagine–but trust me, it is a lot of work!  And it costs money to run.  Of course, as always, I will continue to spend my own money out-of-pocket on travel expenses because, well, I love to travel!  And I’ll be reviewing those places and experiences as well.

As always, if you have any questions about my methods for choosing places to enjoy or to review–or if you are interested in offering me travel, lodging, or tours in exchange for blog coverage–please do contact me at tracyantonioli@gmail.com, or reply in the comments section below.

            Again, thanks for visiting The Suitcase Scholar.  Come back often!

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