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Alley Culture: Quebec City


I think I’ve mentioned that Quebec City is photogenic.  Well, the same is true for Quebec City’s alleys–they are freaking adorable.

The alley pictured is the aptly-named Artist Alley–or Rue du Tresor (street of treasure) which is located in Upper Town, the highest part of the old city, surrounded by a fortified wall.  It is a hundred yards or so away from the unofficial symbol of Quebec City–The Chateau Frontenac.  Where I did not stay but enjoyed one very expensive drink.

But this alley proves a very important point–for those of you thinking that the photos you’ve seen of Quebec City must just be edited or super-well-selected or involving some sort of Disney magic, I’m here to tell you: you are wrong.  Quebec City really is as quaint as you are imagining it.  Even its alleys.

Don’t believe me?  Here’s another one:


See?  Freaking adorable.  

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