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Home and Away: A Social Media Comparison

I recently came to a sobering realization–the farther I get from a trip the more mundane and pathetic my Facebook status posts become.  Honestly–it takes less than a week for my social media presence to degrade into pointless ramblings about the dried pasta stuck to the bottom of my Calphalon or, worse, television shows.  Observe:

Facebook Status Posts While Traveling

Life lesson: when a biker couple you meet at a hotel bar tells you to go to a Peruvian restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen–do it. — at Pio Pio.

Fun fact: the PA turnpike was once called ‘America’s Tunnel Highway’. Another fun fact: I have a (completely irrational yet all-consuming) fear of driving through tunnels.

Hiding from the cold with lots of grease and cholesterol. Yum. — with Dustin Dreese at Pamela’s P & G Diner.


The signs on the restroom at this bar are so unclear, I’m actually glad that the woman I accidentally walked in on was, in fact, a woman.

I am at a cigar bar. Because apparently I am that cool. — with Dustin Dreese at Cioppino.

Please help me win an argument: is this a chameleon or a triceratops?


Just passed a barn offering both live bait and tattooing and piercing. If that’s not one stop shopping, I don’t know what is.

It is 70 degrees and there are heaters on the deck. And ceviche. And mojitos. — at Catch of The Day.

catch of the day

Facebook Status Posts at Home

Things my brain does: too many YA novels + rewatching Ken Burns documentary = nightmares about hiding in a national park to escape zombie attacks.

Things I seriously just said: 1. Yes, there is such a thing as too many pairs of boots. 2. But I don’t want to go out for dinner; I want to stay in and work.  Someone please come slap me in the face. Thank you.

I did it again–looked up from my computer to realize not one single light was on in the entire house, and the sun set an hour ago. Does this happen to anyone else? Or am I just that awesome?

In the opening credits of Downton Abbey, did they airbrush-out the dog’s asshole?

To be fair, that last status post created more discussion than almost anything else I’ve ever posted, but that could have been because I included a video of said dog (and his clearly-airbrushed asshole).  But as you can see, I’m far more interesting–and photo-rich–when I’m traveling.

What about you?  How do you use social media when you are traveling?  Do you post while you are away?  Or do you go offline?  Do you share your vacation photos?  Share in the comments section!  And while you’re thinking about social media, why not LIKE The Suitcase Scholar on Facebook or follow me, @TracyAntonioli, on Twitter?  You could also add me to a circle on Google+, but really–who uses Google+? 

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