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Alley Culture: Pittsburgh

For my first Alley Culture post, I bring to to you the above photo, of an alley in Pittsburgh’s Strip District.  I snapped this shot while running through the snow towards what promised to be a warm and hearty breakfast at Pamela’s (and I was not disappointed).  Upon returning home and scrolling through my photos, one thing in this particular shot caught my attention–the interesting tangle of power lines.

You see, during my brief visit in Pittsburgh, I was able to learn a bit of the history of the town.  And part of that history is the story of George Westinghouse.

I like the story of George Westinghouse.  Why?  Because he seems to me to be an accidental genius.  He set out to do one thing–improve the rail industry–and he ended up doing something entirely different (and far more long-lasting); he played a key role in bringing electricity to our growing nation at the turn of the 20th century.

And he helped give name to a heavy metal band.  But that’s entirely beside the point.

Thus, when I look at this alley–a humble alley in the equally humble but still pretty kick-ass city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania–I see the legacy of Westinghouse.  Thanks, awesome mustachioed man.

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