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Birthday Money: Help Fund The Suitcase Scholar

This is money I found in the door of my car. Clearly, I’ll accept any amount and any currency!

For my birthday this year, buy me a drink.  Or book me a hotel room.  Or buy me a plane ticket.  Or send me on a tour, excursion, or hot air balloon ride.  Basically, I’m asking for money.

Today, on my 33rd birthday, I’m introducing a new aspect of The Suitcase Scholar.  It’s called ‘Donate’, and it lives on its own separate page up in the top tabs bar under the blog header.  You can also find the same page HERE.  So click the link, read my justification for asking for money, and consider donating.  Oh–and don’t forget to wish me a very happy birthday in the comments section below.

Apparently 33 shall be my year of not-being-afraid-to-ask-for-things.

Want to show some love for The Suitcase Scholar but don’t want to break out the credit card?  Then show your appreciation by ‘liking’ The Suitcase Scholar Facebook page or following me–@TracyAntonioli–on Twitter.  Thanks!  And a very merry un-birthday to you!  

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