Coming Soon to Suitcase Scholar

On Bourbon Street, even my photos are tilted and blurry!

I’m back!  Whew!  That was an exhausting trip.  So exhausting, in fact, that I’ve been home for almost twenty four hours and have not managed to do anything productive yet–including photo editing or blog posting.  However, I did take lots of photos and draft many blog posts.  Plus I did lots of things I’ve never done before, so you’ll be hearing about all kinds of firsts for me.  Like my first time in New Orleans.  My first cruise ship shore excursion.  My first (too brief) visit to Mexico.  Many first food and drink experiences (ok, too many first food experiences!) My first less-than-perfect trip that I still enjoyed (or, rather, my first less-than-perfect trip that I didn’t totally flip out about).

In addition to these firsts, I also did many educational things on this trip.  I visited ruins.  I learned to use my camera on a photo tour.  I visited a zoo, was educated in Jamaican flora and fauna, and learned how not to approach a stingray.

Was this last trip my best trip ever?  Yes and no.  And you’ll hear all about why very, very soon.  But for now, I have to run.  Like literally, I have to run.  Those ‘too many first food experiences’ sure did add up!

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