Road Trip Photos(s) of the Day: Halifax

I was so bummed today because it was raining, which meant two things:  one, I was going to look very stupid in my rain gear and two, I couldn’t take my ‘real’ camera with me, as I’m afraid of getting it wet.  Thus, today’s photo(s) of the day feature shots taken with my point and shoot, and one starring me in my stupid hat.  Enjoy!

Leaving the Citadel

The town clock, the harbor, and my ridiculous rain hat 

Notice how it’s not raining in any of my photos?  That’s because it stopped before we left this morning, stormed when we tried to leave one of the pubs we visited–I say ‘tried to leave’ because we bought another round when we heard the thunder (sorry, all of those photos are on my phone) and it is storming now.  Fortunately we are safely and dry-ly in our hotel, writing blog posts (me) and doing laundry (the wonderful husband!)


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