Who’s Number One?


Taking notes in WDW!

To determine the winner of the ‘Most Educational’ award (which isn’t really an award at all), I took many factors into account.  As you can see, there are many educational attractions throught Walt Disney World Resort–in fact, I’d argue that every single attraction, hotel, and restaurant can be educational in some way (and I’ll be doing just that in my book, The World is Your Classroom.)  With 109 attractions among the four parks, picking ‘the most’ anything is a challenge.  Thus, I selected the winner based on the following requirements:

1.  In order for any attraction to be educational, you have to experience it.  This seems pretty basic, but it is an important point.  The most educational Disney attraction must be a ride or show that the majority of visitors to WDW partake in.

2.  The attraction must be suitable for all ages.

3.  The attraction should be at the most popular park.

4.  The learning that takes place should not interefere with the enjoyment of the ride.

5.  The attraction should offer up the ability to learn beyond the ride; it should tie in with other aspects of a Walt Disney World vacation.

Given those five requirements, plus the obvious sixth requirement being ‘there is something to be learned during the attraction’, what do you think I’ve selected as my number one pick?Please guess in the comments section below!

What?  You thought I was going to tell you before you guessed?  What kind of teacher would I be, giving away the test answers?

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