Upcoming Travels

Before I get to my top two Disney picks, I’d like to introduce the next few destinations that will be featured on Suitcase Scholar.  As I’m finishing up the school year, my travels are somewhat limited right now…but not really.  Before the end of the school year, I will have visited New York City twice, so some Educational NYC posts are coming soon.

Central Park

Additionally, I will be returning to Walt Disney World and visiting Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure for the first time.  I have to admit, I’m pretty excited about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and you should be pretty excited about the lesson ideas I will come up with in Universal.

All of that is in the next four weeks–aaack!  And then it’s summer break, during which my husband and I will be traveling for at least three weeks.  As of now our options include Montreal/Quebec City and Bermuda.  I’ve never been to eastern Canada–though I love Vancouver on the west coast–and I’ve never been to Bermuda, but you can bet I’ll find lots of learning opportunities in each destination.

Vancouver, 2006

I am taking the 2011-2012 school year off to travel and write, which means that the pace of this blog (and my other two travel blogs, Blog on the Run and Virtual Passenger) is going to pick up quite considerably.  Where will I be going? As of now, I have an extended Orlando trip planned for the fall–to work on The World is Your Classroom–and a winter trip to somewhere warm, likely Cancun.  Ideally I will be able to squeeze in a fall trip to Phoenix and the surrounding area, including Sedona and the Grand Canyon.  The possibility also exists for a quick Vegas trip at any time.

Springtime of next year brings yet another trip–April in Paris.  I visited Paris last summer with my husband and really, really didn’t like it.  Yes, you read that correctly–I didn’t like it, and I’m going back.

See? Me, miserable in Paris.

I feel I learned many things from that ill-fated trip, and plan to do a re-do the right way.  Plus, I know there are thousands of educational opportunities in the city of light.

To make the trip as authentic of a recreation as possible, I’ll be adding London to the schedule as well, as the trip last summer started and ended in London.  While it may be a year away, you should most definitely look forward to some brilliant lessons from an English teacher’s ideal city.  I could spend a week just in the British Museum, nevermind the National Gallery.  I’d also like to do a side trip to the place where all learning begins–Oxford.

I’m sure there will be more trips that I haven’t even planned yet, as I plan to make the best of off-season fare sales and the fact that I have the time to drive to various destinations.  I’m really quite excited about all of it–and you, dear reader, should be excited too!

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