How Has Travel Changed You?

I truly believe that travel has helped me to become a better person.  In my case, I feel I’ve become slightly more humble by realizing how wrong I can often be–case and point, The Great Europe Trip.  That sure was a bad idea, eh?  I sure was arrogant, thinking I’d planned everything so well, right?  I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been more wrong, and for some reason I’m ok with admitting that (perhaps because it is so glaringly obvious?)

I’ve also been wrong about things I didn’t think I’d like.  I shunned Disney World for all of my life, only to find that I freaking love it there.  Las Vegas?  So unsophisticated–the adult version of Disney World.  And I love it there, too.

Finally, I’ve met so many people both in real life and online who share my love of travel, and most of these people are genuinely helpful, friendly, and full of enthusiasm.  You could stay my faith in humanity has been restored through my love of travel.  If you said that, you might sound a little pretentious, but you’d be 100% correct.

So–how has travel changed you?


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