You Know How I Change My Mind…A Lot?

Today I bought a Hawaii 2011 book with one of my many Barnes and Noble gift cards.  I then sat in the Ruby Tuesday’s bar–across from said Barnes and Noble–with my mother, and showed her the book.  At some point I said ‘if only there was somewhere as beautiful, but closer and cheaper’; she added ‘yeah, that volcano thing makes me uncomfortable’.  And thus, an even better idea was born.

Can you guess it?  Hints:  1.  It is very naturally beautiful.  2.  There are very few cities–one, actually.  3.  It is ‘technically’ on a continent that I should be avoiding for at least a few years.  4.  It is closer than Hawaii.  5.  It definitely has a (very active) volcano.

Iceland--it is much closer!

I’m doing something I’ve never done before–returning a book.  The Hawaii book shall go back, and I shall purchase a newer edition of the Lonely Planet Iceland book.  You know–the one I threw out this past August.  Because we were NEVER going to go there.  And next year, I’ll go back and buy the Hawaii book that I’m returning tomorrow!


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