Writer for Hire

To whom it may concern: Please consider hiring me to write true tales of travel–you could call it T to the Third. Or you could call it anything you damn well please, as long as you hire me to write it. I feel that this kind of travel writing is hard to find–the kind that actually tells it like it is. An example of this sort of writing could include chapters or articles titled ‘Why more than one museum in a day is inane’ or ‘Having to pee in Paris–why it sucks every single time’. I could write a whole book on what is wrong with most travel guides. Spoiler warning–it involves ‘The Best of One Day’ schedules and why they are impossible.

I’m a good writer–really, I could do it. Please don’t take the mechanics of this blog into account when considering it–these posts have been written with my husband looking over one shoulder, and a clock ticking away the hours of our vacation. Should it be my job, I can and will do it even better.

There’s an audience for this type of writing–I know there is. On the worst day of this vacation, I had over six hundred hits on this blog. Six hundred. My annoyance was interesting enough for it to be read six hundred times in a 24 hour period. A good day gets me maybe 200 hits. So you see, to whom it may concern, bitching about travel sells.

Of course, I can also bitch about other things. I’m really good at that. Give me a topic, any topic–oh that would be fun! Yes–anyone, give me any topic, and I can do it. Honesty is comedy. You’ll be rolling on the floor laughing–all because of the horrid, painful truth of it all.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my request. Sincerely, Tracy A. from Blog on the Run.


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