Tasty Words

I just read over the last, oh I don’t know, forty or so posts of this blog, and I’m beyond amused.  I cannot believe what this trip has become, and more than that, I cannot believe how very wrong I am, time and time again.  So in the spirit of total disclosure, here are some things I was very, very wrong about, complete with verbatim quotes from myself…ahem…

I said lots of things that ended up becoming ironic.  For example, from my post titled Genesis, I stated that “the Europe trip has been downgraded considerably” and that while I had “learned how to pack three weeks worth of clothing in a backpack”, I would clearly not need that skill.  Now that the trip is almost completely planned and neither statements are true (and both backpacks have been ordered and practice packed), I suppose I must eat my own words.  Mmmm.  Tasty words.

I go on to actually have the nerve to name a post ‘The Three Thousand Dollar Book’, in reference to how much the book Europe Through the Back Door will have actually cost me, after the trip planning is done.  I don’t even want to address how that is incorrect, but let’s just say–it is.

I then spent several posts discussing Italy.  We are not going to Italy.  There is then a brief flirtation with the idea of Amsterdam and Bruges, but that never really goes anywhere.

I am then reminded that we decided to visit London because Iceland Express flies from Newark to London cheaply.  We booked airfare on Aer Lingus–out of JFK.

The following is possibly my favorite part–in my post titled ‘The Dark Side’, I state: “Perhaps I’ll abandon my (admittedly great) husband and stay in Europe without him.  THAT would be interesting! (Note:  I’m not actually going to do that.  But I’m thinking about it–which is important to note.)”  Riiiight.  I’m ‘not actually going to do that’.  Except that I AM going to do that, in a whole other country, for a whole extra week.  Plus two extra days in London, that I just told him about today.  He took it very well.

So clearly I am wrong all the time.  I’m so glad that my husband does not read this blog and, thus, will never hear me say–or read me write–those horrible, horrible words!

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