Great Husband Post #2

Jan 29, 2010 by

Ok…talked to the husband.  I’m a little more calm now.  Here’s the new new plan…

We will likely ditch the Florence portion of the trip.  We would like to see all of Italy eventually, possibly as soon as next summer, and we can do a whole tour of Italy–Rome, Florence, the Cinque Terre, maybe even Venice.  And we will go as soon as school lets out, so that it will be a few degrees cooler.  It is a good idea.  And anyway, who am I kidding when I say ‘possibly as soon as’?  We will do this next summer.  18 months from now.  Not a huge concession on my part.

We will keep Paris–that’s the only thing anchoring this trip, as it is 100% set in stone (as in ‘we’ve paid a deposit and I’ve been re-learning French so we ARE going’)–and permanently add Amsterdam.  Amsterdam gives us the option of including the hotel with the flight, therefore costing zero more dollars, along with the probability of a day (or two) spent in Bruges and/or Brussels.  Perhaps a day in Bruges on the way down, and a short stop in Brussels on the way back.

This all seems reasonable.  I think I shall start researching and planning….now!  (Also–I’ve been given last-minute-Bermuda approval.  So really, all is well.)

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