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Follow Me Down the River: An Un-Cruise Adventure

The Willamette River in Portland, Oregon--where my adventure begins!

The Willamette River in Portland, Oregon–where my adventure begins!

What could be more perfect for a travel nerd than a week-long trip following in the footsteps (and paddle strokes) of two great American explorers?  Nothing, that’s what.

And that’s exactly what I’ll be doing this week as I sail down the Columbia and Snake Rivers with Un-Cruise Adventures, following part of the Lewis and Clark trail.  I am so excited.  

During the course of the trip, we will make stops at cultural and historical sites all along the Columbia River Valley, many of which focus on the explorations of Lewis and Clark.  I brought my half-read copy of Undaunted Courage with me on the plane, and stopped at the amazing Powell’s City of Books* here in Portland to pick up an abridged copy of the original Lewis and Clark Journals (of course they had the unabridged version, but that was several volumes long.  And I have a carry on bag.)

*Powell’s City of Books is also perfect for a travel nerd.  Detailed blog post to come.  I, uh, may have bought a Powell’s t-shirt.

I am ready to get my history geek on.

Of course, in addition to reading material, I also have my camera on my shoulder and Evernote at the ready.  I’ll be taking notes and photos all along the way, documenting my trip so that I can share it with all of you upon my return.  But if you just can’t wait until then, please consider following me on Twitter or, even better, on Instagram.  Because I’ll be Instagramming the heck out of this trip–and tweeting out all of said Instagram photos.

Follow me down the river, won’t you?

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