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Modern Meets Meadow: Storm King Art Center


A few weeks ago as I drove north on the New York State Thruway on my way to work in western Massachusetts, I looked to my right and saw a giant metal statue with people frolicking about.  And I thought huh.  Wonder what that is?  A few miles later, as I passed an exit ramp, I spied an attractions sign.  Storm King Art Center, it read.

Which is how it came to pass that I found myself at Storm King last weekend, on a questionable-weather day in early spring.  My day at Storm King necessitated a rather early wake up, and I’m happy to say it was completely worth the missed sleep.  Storm King is totally unique and entirely worthwhile.

Storm King Art Center is an outdoor, large-scale modern art ‘museum’.  I’ve placed ‘museum’ in virtual air quotes, because the word museum typically calls to mind images of art hung on stark white walls.  There are no walls at Storm King.  Observe….







As you can see, there’s more than just art at Storm King.  There are also sweeping, epic views.  Mountains and clouds.  Spring blossoms and open meadows.  If you don’t like those things, dear gods–what do you like?

Tips for Visiting Storm King Arts Center

-Wear comfortable shoes.  It is a lot of walking.  Think of it as a hike, but with art interspersed throughout.  Do not wear heels.  Just don’t.  Even I changed from my beloved cowboy boots to my equally beloved (but less worn) hiking boots.

-Skip the bike rental.  I appreciate the idea, but the grounds of Storm King are so hilly, I can’t imagine riding a bike.  I saw more than one person pushing their bike uphill.  Walking is easier.

-Bring a camera.  You’ll want one.  I promise.

-Also bring a friend, a blanket, and a lunch.  Could I spend a whole day here?  Absolutely.  But I’d need something to eat, and a break from the walking.  Would I picnic here solo?  Sure.  But that’s because I’m odd.  I assume most people would have a better time with a friend or four.

-Don’t wait for a sunny day.  The clouds made for a stunning backdrop.

-That being said, maybe don’t go in the rain.  You’ll get really wet and have very little fun.  It’s a giant open rolling field.  Even with an umbrella, I’d have given up.

-You know that little guide-map thing they give you when you enter the property?  Yeah.  Don’t accidentally leave that in your car.  You’ll want to know where you are going and, more importantly, what you are looking at.  Not that I did this.  Ahem.

Storm King Arts Center is located in New Windsor, New York.  It is blessedly close to the super-inexpensive Days Inn where I spent the night on my way upstate.  Said Days Inn has a fabulous diner in the parking lot, which will be the subject of a future post.  Because home made challah.  

Disclosure: No one hosted me here.  I just went.  I’m glad I did.  

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