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Laudable Lodging: The Avalon Hotel on Catalina Island


The major problem with The Avalon Hotel on (stunning) Catalina Island became immediately apparent as soon as I checked into my room.  It was the bed.  There was something seriously, seriously wrong with it.  You see, no bed should ever have the nerve to be that darn comfortable.  It must be illegal in most states.  Fortunately California is not one of them.

As soon as I sat down on said bed, I was immediately forced to recline entirely.  That bed had some serious…gravity.  Upon full recline, a sound escaped my lips.  I’m not going to lie; I’m not going to beat around the bush–it was a sexual sound.  Oh dear god, I said, out loud, as I snuggled into the bed’s warm embrace.  This.  This is heaven.  This.  Bed.  Right.  Here.

The bed made me not want to go out and explore the island.  The bed wanted me to sleep in.  The bed wanted me for its own, and I was more than happy to oblige.  Damn I miss that bed.

But wait–it gets worse.

There are robes.

This was the only 'robe' photo I was allowed to share.  I have other 'husband in robe' pics, but I've been forbidden to publish them.  Silly husband.

This was the only ‘robe’ photo I was allowed to share. I have other ‘husband in robe’ pics, but I’ve been forbidden to publish them. Silly husband.

And worse yet, there are balconies–yet another reason to stay in (that is, if you can drag yourself out of bed).  Several of the rooms at The Avalon Hotel have private balconies, each with what they call an ‘obstructed’ view of the water.  Here’s my ‘obstructed view’:


What a horribly ‘obstructed’ view’. Blech.

And the view in the other direction is just as much of a problem-see photo below.  (What is wrong with the sky?  It’s all marred by that multi-color arch of light.  How tacky).  I cannot tell you how long it took me to get ready that morning, stuck on my balcony taking in the morning light as I was.  I assure you, it was a serious, serious problem.

It never rains in Southern California.  But when it does, this happens.

It never rains in Southern California. But when it does, this happens.

But hey, not everyone can have a balcony room, right?  Wrong.  There’s also a public balcony at the end of the third floor hallway, as well as a rooftop patio with equally oh-gosh-why-leave worthy views.  Behold…





The Details: Catalina Island’s Hotel Avalon



The Avalon Hotel is located on a small side street right off of the main thoroughfare on Catalina Island.  It is barely a ten minute walk from the ferry terminal, even when pulling wheeled luggage behind you.  It is three minutes from all of the great restaurants, cozy bars, and little shops that line Avalon’s harbor.  And, well, it’s on Catalina Island.  So it is located smack dab in the middle of what I’d definitely consider paradise.

IMG_4262Purpose of Visit

I came to Avalon–to Catalina–for a weekend of relaxation.  I’d been working pretty much nonstop for a good three months, had not seen my husband in weeks, and needed a bit of down time.  Did I mention how comfortable the beds were?  And the robes?  Yeah.  It was a good choice.

Oh and in case you actually do need to get some work done while you are there, it should be noted that they have complimentary wifi.  Which worked wonderfully when I had to, well, work.  I couldn’t even complain about my office–check me out, left.

Value Added

You’ve seen the above photos of the view, correct?  And I mentioned the beds?  Yes, yes I did that.  Well if that’s not enough, there’s also a gorgeous little courtyard where you can enjoy breakfast each morning–or drinks each night (that is, if you can pull yourself away from the stunning views from the rooftop patio.  Go ahead–I dare you).  Finally, The Avalon Hotel is a true mama bear hotel–that is, not too big and not too small.  With fifteen guest rooms total, it is intimate but not overly so–meaning you don’t have to hang out with other guests (unless you want to.  And you’ll likely want to.)

All of that being said, I can wholeheartedly recommend that no one visit The Hotel Avalon ever again.  Because I want it just for me.  Thanks for understanding, everyone.  Now, if you’re looking for me, I’ll be watching the sun set.

Disclosure: I was hosted by The Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce and The Hotel Avalon.  However, all opinions are, as always, my own.  And my photos are my own too–and these are ‘just’ iPhone pics, too.  Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed my stay here–and my time on Catalina.  Neither can photographs.  

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