A Home Where The Buffalo Roam: Living Like a Local in Keystone, South Dakota

The phrase ‘living like a local’ is thrown around a lot in travel writing. But the term is typically reserved for stories of international travel. An American can ‘live like a local’ in, say, Ecuador. But a New Yorker would be unlikely to attempt to ‘live like a local’ in, say, Tulsa–or vice versa; Tulsa residents most definitely do not travel to New York City to live like New Yorkers. They travel to New York City to stand in Times Square while holding a selfie stick.

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Road Trips

Why I’m Going to South Dakota Tomorrow: #SomeLoveForSD

In a recent article which (poorly*) analyzed Instagram search terms, it was revealed that South Dakota is the second-least Instagrammed state, only after North Dakota.

Why so little love for South Dakota? I’m thinking it may have something to do with the fact that the population of the entire state of South Dakota is only around 8 million.

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Educational Adventures

Beyond Bourbon: How to Plan a Horse-Themed Kentucky Trip

I went to Kentucky to learn about bourbon. I was really excited about it. And then I got to Kentucky and everywhere I looked there were long wooden fences surrounding rolling green hills topped with silhouettes of majestic horses tossing their heads around like they were in a freaking horse shampoo commercial and the used-to-be-a-little-girl part of me was like ohmygodIlovethemIlovethemIlovethem and I got kind of distracted.

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Foodie Travel

The Reason I Am Going to Kentucky Will Not Surprise You

When I was in the 8th grade, I drank a fifth of Canadian whiskey*. I drank it like it was iced tea, from a big plastic cup, over the course of a few hours, at a party in a friend’s basement. Twenty-one years later, I can still picture being the bathroom that night, my vision rolling like an old television with poor reception. And twenty-one years later, I still remember how very, very, unbelievably sick I got that night (and the next day. And the next day.)

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