Holiday Travel

Holiday Travel

Naughty and Nice: A New Orleans Christmas Photo Essay

Women in hats and shawls brush shoulders with women in glitter paint and beads. Four stars and dive bars share the same block. You can get your fortune read on the steps of a Catholic church, and we spent part of Christmas Day drinking with Texan Republicans in a pirate bar festooned with pride flags. Ah, New Orleans. How I love you.

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Holiday Travel

A Very Hogwarts Holiday: Why I Must Visit Universal Orlando for Christmas This Year

I know that I typically present myself as a rather sarcastic bourbon-drinking, cold-black-hearted kind of a person. But then there’s Christmas time! And then there’s theme parks! And then there’s Harry Potter! And then there is ALL OF THOSE THINGS COMBINED! And then I start smiling and using all of the exclamation points!!!

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