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Take Two: My Culinary Adventure Begins

If you're looking for me this week, I'll be in the beautiful Hudson Valley.

If you’re looking for me this week, I’ll be in the beautiful Hudson Valley.

A little over two months ago, I wrote about my Foodie in February plan; I was planning on spending one week that month at the South Beach Food and Wine Festival (which happened, as you can see) and one week that month attending a boot camp at the Culinary Institute of America (which, due to circumstances beyond my control, did not happen).  Both were bucket-list items for me, and I’m happy to report that for real this time, I’m on my way to the CIA to chop, dice, and julienne until my heart’s content.

The course I’m taking could not be more perfect for me–it is a ‘best of the CIA’ course, and features cuisine from a different region of the world each day–after a basic knife skills class, I’ll be learning how to cook Asian, Italian, and French/American Bistro meals–as well as a course on bread and pastry baking (now THAT will be a challenge–a baker I am not!)  This will be the my most educational trip yet.

But wait–there’s more!  You see, the Culinary Institute of America’s Hyde Park campus is located in the beautiful Hudson Valley.  And my CIA classes don’t start until after noon each day.  So I’ll be spending each morning exploring the area–I’ll be checking out historic homes, quaint towns, and even a farm. (All of that food has to come from somewhere, right?)

Follow along with me on Instagram (or Twitter, where I tweet out all of my Instagram photos) this week as I take on New York State’s Hudson Valley.  And then stay tuned for a series of posts about my experience at the CIA.

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