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Road School: Why Visit Santa Fe?


I’ve always wanted to visit Santa Fe, New Mexico–but for the life of me, I can’t remember why.

But that’s where I’m headed right now.  Ok, well not right now–tomorrow night.  Right now I’m working in Albuquerque.  But as soon as I learned I’d be working in Albuquerque, I planned a few extra days to visit Santa Fe.  Because, again, I’ve always wanted to visit.

But again–I have no idea why.

I remember hearing that Santa Fe was a foodie mecca; I heard this many years ago.  I’ve also heard it is a great artsy town.  And I know it is the oldest state capitol in the United States.

But that’s all I’ve got.  Fortunately that’s enough for me.

Thus, my Road School Guiding Question for Santa Fe is:

Why visit Santa Fe?

I’m going because it is there.  And because I need some down time.  And because I really want to see as many new places as possible and, well, I’ve never been to New Mexico.  Also: adobe buildings are cool.  But I’m also going to let you know why you should go.  Stay tuned for the Road School: New Mexico Results!

If you can’t wait for the results post–coming sometime in the next two weeks–please do follow along on Instagram, where I will be recording, in visual, filtered format, as many reasons as I can find to visit Santa Fe.

Note: For the duration of my stay in Santa Fe, I’m being hosted by the lovely people at The Inn on the Alameda.  I’m looking forward to meeting and working with them, because if they are as warm and welcoming in real life as they are via email, it’s going to be a great visit!

Photo Credit: WikiCommons (to be replaced by a photo I’ve taken as soon as I get back–I hate using not-my-photos on this site.  Apologies!)

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