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NYCWFF2011LogoIt appears I’m ripping through my most-recently-created bucket list at breakneck speed; this week I’m checking off not one but two bucket list items–the Pacific Coast Highway solo (two different portions as part of two different trips) and the New York City Wine and Food Festival (and I’m going to Albuquerque next week–no balloon festival, though–and there may be a Culinary Institute trip in the works as well–stay tuned!)

I’m excited and exhausted just thinking about all of it.

DSC_1324But seriously folks–this Sunday I will be attending the Grand Tasting at the NYC Wine and Food Festival.  And, as always, I’m going with a purpose (and, sadly, that purpose is not ‘stalking the celebrity chefs at the various demonstration stages.  Though I may stray from my purpose briefly to see Bobby Flay.  He’s dreamy…).
You see, I live a short, 90-minute bus ride outside of New York City.  And for the majority of my life–a middle school obsession with Broadway musicals aside–I’ve taken it for granted.  But lately I’ve had more and more cause to take day or even weekend trips up to the city for one reason or another.  And every time I go, food seems to be involved.  It would almost be a sin to not involve good eating in a city boasting over ten thousand* eateries.  Thus, I am making it a goal to spend more time in New York.  It is one of the greatest cities on earth, and it is right there.

And it is filled with amazing food.

Thus, my goal this weekend shall be:

to find at least three until-now-unheard-of-by-me restaurants that I simply must visit in the near future.  

And then, of course, I shall visit them at a date in the not-too-distant future.  I haven’t been to New York during the holiday season since I was a child; it’s about time that changed.

I will be sharing my findings in a mini blog series following this weekend’s event–first in a soon-to-be-published post outlining my findings (I feel like a scientist!) and then, second, three additional posts describing my visits to the discovered dining establishments (ok, maybe I’m more like an explorer!)

I’m kind of intimidated–six hours in a giant, crowded room full of people, food, and drinks.  Perhaps I should have trained for this?  Or perhaps I’ve been training for this my entire life?

If you can’t wait to hear how the fest went–and if you can’t make it there yourself–please do follow along on Instagram, where I will be posting some serious food porn all day on Sunday.  That is, if I can keep myself from devouring every bite before snapping a quick iPhone photo (and if I can get any 4g service at a venue where everyone else is likely trying to do the same thing).

*Source: Tripadvisor New York City

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