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Road School: Summer’s End at Virginia Beach


Yesterday morning, I took advantage of the sudden drop in temperature and humidity and went for a late-morning run.  It was glorious.  That is, until I looked down.  And saw leaves.  Orange, dead leaves.  On the ground.  And then I looked up at a whole tree full of orange, dying leaves.  On September 13th.

And I thought: crap.

IMG_1151I’m at the end of my ability to be in denial about the end of summer.  Well–I’m near the end of my ability.  Because autumn does not officially begin until 3:44pm next Sunday.  That gives me seven whole days to enjoy what is left of it.  So that’s exactly what I’m going to do.  I’m driving to the beach tomorrow.

Virginia Beach Guiding Question:

 Is it possible to enjoy a typical summer beach vacation in the Northeast/Mid Atlantic area after Labor Day?

I am hoping to do a great many beach-y things, including but not limited to: enjoying drinks and seafood in an outdoor setting, riding a bike down the boardwalk, and even possibly dipping my toes in the water.  I will wear a bathing suit.  I will get a sunburn.  I will slide into autumn like a baseball player slides into home base, a fraction of a second before the…um…the guy guarding the base, I don’t know, catches the ball and strikes him out? (I really shouldn’t be allowed to use sports metaphors; I know nothing about sports.  Apologies.)

How will this work out for me?  Tune in to Instagram to follow along in real time, and stay tuned a couple of weeks from now for my Road School Results post!

Waiting for my first two Road School Results posts?  The first one–How Big is Texas–will be published the day after tomorrow, Monday, September 16th.  My Chicago adventure will be shared soon after.  

Many thanks-in-advance to David and Leigh at the Belvedere Beach Resort in Virginia Beach for helping make this end-of-summer trip possible.  Stay tuned some more to read about my stay at their family-owned, beach-front establishment.  Those are two of my favorite hyphenated phrases! 

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