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Survey: Self Interview on Solo Travel

I usually travel--and dine, and drink--alone.  But not always. See?  Someone sitting across from me.

I usually travel–and dine, and drink–alone. But not always. See? Someone sitting across from me.

Greetings Suitcase Scholar readers!  This is an unusual post; instead of sharing yet another story of my own, I’m eliciting your input.  Please prepare to participate.

Several of my recent holy-crap-I’m-traveling-a-lot posts brought up questions–in the form of blog comments, Facebook posts, replies on Twitter, and even via direct email–about my current marital status.  For those of you who do not know–I assume most of you do not–I am married.  Yet I very rarely travel with my husband.  Which explains my constant use of ‘I’, not ‘we’–even when he is traveling with me, I typically stick to first person singular pronouns–this is my site and these are my stories.  They are not ‘ours’.

Because so many people want to know about how this arrangement works, I’d really like to write about it.  But first I need to know what your honest views and opinions on the subject of solo-but-not-single travel.  Which is why I’ve created THIS super-awesome, really easy, fifteen-second-time-commitment, entirely anonymous survey.  Just click the link above (or the link at the end of this post), answer my one short question in a few words to a few sentences, and hit submit.  I will then use the questions posed to interview myself.

And remember–there are no stupid questions.  There are no inappropriate questions.  There are no too-personal questions.  I will answer all of them openly and honestly.  So click the link, pose a question, and stay tuned for the results.

Thanks for participating!  Please consider sharing this post with a friend–the more replies, the better the results.

Click here to take survey

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