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Observation Desk: En Route to Raleigh

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This month marks the true beginning of my new career slash lifestyle; that of a traveling professional development consultant*.  And my first work-related trip has already passed–a semi last-minute trip down to Raleigh, North Carolina for three days of training–a city I’ve never visited before and still can’t really say I’ve visited as I spent 14 hours per day in training and never really had a chance to get out and see anything.  But that’s ok.  Because I’m sure I’ll be back.  I’m sure I’ll drive (and fly) through and to a great many places in the weeks, months, and years to come.

Enter my new zen-like approach to work and travel.  What’s that?  I need to be in North Carolina in four days, 24 hours after I return from a road trip to Quebec?  No problem!  The flight wil take longer than driving?  Road trip take two!  There’s construction on 495?  Ah well, guess I’ll take the scenic way back home, entirely avoiding any highways with the numbers 9 and 5 in them.

I can no longer get stressed out about travel because, well, if I do, I’ll be stressed all the time.  So I’m choosing calm.  It’s a much healthier choice.

And that’s why I snapped a quick dashboard photos of this Jeep on my way to Raleigh last week.  Even more than the ultra-groovy wheel cover, I love the license plate.  Thanks for the mid-traffic moment of zen, random Jeep owner from Virginia.

*Want to confuse a new acquaintance?  When they ask you ‘so what do you do?’, reply with ‘well, I do a little bit of freelance writing, I write a nerdy travel blog, and I work as an independent professional development consultant for a large national educational media company’.  Yeah.  ‘I’m a teacher’ was much simpler and to the point.  Oh well.  Sorry future new acquaintances!

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