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Blogging Bloopers: Fun with Search Terms

I shall call this shot 'lonely woman on a cruise ship'.  And then I shall sit back and wait for misguided blog traffic.

I shall call this shot ‘lonely woman on a cruise ship’. And then I shall sit back and wait for misguided blog traffic.

Here’s something that everyone who has ever used Google should know: people who have websites and blogs–and track their own stats–can see what you are Googling.  Well, most of them can’t see what you, specifically are Googling–there’s never a name or an IP address associated with any of the search terms (though I’m confident there are people out there who can connect the two).  But as a blogger, I view my list of incoming search terms on a daily basis.  Most of the time, they make sense.

Sometimes they don’t.

The following is a short list of recent search terms that led people to The Suitcase Scholar.

Puzzling Phrases

meaning: the cold embrace of solitude

This is one of those unknowable mysteries of the Google-verse.  How on earth did someone find The Suitcase Scholar by Googling that?

cocktail suitcase

If you need an entire suitcase devoted to cocktails, you have a bigger drinking problem than me.  Good luck with that!  (Though as a wine-o traveler, may I recommend those small, single-bottle-sized boxes of wine?)

solo travel sex with strangers wife

Yeah–I simply can’t help you with that.  Neither can Google.


is a las vegas vacation cheaper than a disney vacation?

Short answer–that entirely depends.  Do you have six children under the age of ten?  Do you have a gambling problem?  See how this varies for different people?

do people pee outside in new orleans?

Short answer–yes.  Yes they do.  So do dogs.  And mules.  And police horses.

Bears also shit in the woods, just in case you were wondering.

Image Searches

girl tour guide in a museum

Whatever does it for you, dude.

woman without bra horseback

See above.  Though this one actually makes a little more sense.

Of course, by writing this post I’ve just guaranteed that even more people will find my site by using these obscure search terms.  So sorry next-guy-who-comes-here-looking-for-obscure-pornography–it’s just a nerdy travel blog.  Better luck next time!


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