Travel Narrative

The Un-Jaded Traveler: Things I’ll Never Not-Do


The first time I sailed out of New York City, I stayed out on deck until the skyline disappeared in the distance.  I took photos of the Statue of Liberty and I hurried to the highest deck to watch the bottom of the Verrazano Bridge whoosh past.

I did this the second time I sailed out of New York City.  And last weekend, I did it the third time I sailed out of New York City.

If I sail out of New York City a hundred times (which I doubt will happen, but still) I will never not-appreciate the fact that I’m on a ship sailing out of New York City.  And I’ll never not-get-up at an ungodly hour to watch us sail back in again.

The same is true for all travel.  I’ll never not-appreciate the Spanish moss dripping from the old oaks in New Orleans; I’ll never hurry past a group of street musicians.  I’ll never not-watch the opening show at the Magic Kingdom, and I’ll never not-cry while doing so.  I’ll never not-pause to marvel at the fountains at the Bellagio.  And I’ll never not-kick-my-shoes-off and sink my toes in the sand of Miami’s South Beach or Cape Cod’s National Seashore or Bermuda’s Tobacco Bay, no matter how many times I may visit.

The thing about frequent travel is that it is so easy to not-do these things.  When you travel more than once every year or so–when travel becomes more a lifestyle than a significant life event–it is easy to become jaded.  But I’m never going to not-care.  Because I realize how unbelievably fortunate I am to be anywhere other than on my couch, in my living room.  And I’m never going to not-be-thankful.

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