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Vizcaya’s Gardens: A Photo Tour


I’m always disappointed when you can’t take photos in stunning locations.  Miami’s Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is one of those places.  In the residence itself, photography is not permitted.  However, you’re free to click away out in the gardens.  And that’s exactly how I spent my last few hours in Miami–happily wandering through the Vizcaya’s stunning grounds, enjoying the eighty-degree February afternoon.


The ‘front’ of the residence itself does not give any indication of the beauty that exists inside and beyond.


This is a totally normal thing to have in your back yard, right?


Inside one of the many garden structures–the light is neat, isn’t it?


This area of the grounds is very Secret Garden-like. Lots of stairs and doorways. I love stairs and doorways.


A view of the formal garden portion of the grounds. It doesn’t look like Florida, does it?


I kept thinking ‘what is this FOR’? Walking through what can only be described as a coral cavern.


So. Many. Girls. Were having their professional quinceanera photos taken here–on that exact bench.


Everything was in bloom–in early February.


The gardens were filled with unexpected art. Like this guy, who I loved.


Whimsy, anyone? How about a mustachioed man with an obelisk sprouting from his head?


Walking across the back patio.


Look up!


Looking down from the area pictured in the header. Wow.


Every direction held a new surprise.


This gate has absolutely no purpose. And that’s why I love it.


Another random garden structure with great light.

Vizcaya is the kind of place I absolutely must visit alone.  I completely entertained myself for a good two hours that afternoon just walking around and snapping photos.  I would occasionally stop to bask in the sun.  If I lived in Miami, I would most definitely have a membership to Vizcaya, and visit often.  In fact, it seemed like many people did just that, as I wasn’t alone in my sun-basking.

For more on Vizcaya’s history as well as tips on visiting the museum itself, please see my previous post, Historic Homes: How to Visit Miami’s Vizcaya.  

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