City Breaks

Return Trip: The City I Love


Almost every major city touts something similar to ‘if you drink the water here, you’ll be destined to return’ or some other such bullshit (you can trade ‘kiss this rock’ or ‘throw a coin in this fountain’ for ‘drink the water’).  Well, I can confidently say that I did not drink any water in New Orleans–nor did I kiss any rocks or throw coins into anything that wasn’t a guitar case.  But I’m going back.  In fact, I’m halfway there right now.

I’ve written about my love for New Orleans before.  But as I prepare for a return visit–as a person who sees little value in return visits when there are so many new places to explore–I can’t help but get excited.  Like little-flutter-in-my-heart excited.  My love for New Orleans helps me to understand why people like other, less-desirable cities.  You know, like Paris.  Because that city, whichever city and for whatever reason, spoke to them.

New Orleans–I hear you.  And I’m coming.

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