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Observation Desk: Tarrytown


This is the perfect first Observation Desk photo, as really, this town could be anywhere.  It happens to be Tarrytown, located along the banks of the Hudson river in New York State.  This is very early on Sunday morning, which I’m assuming is why it looks like a ghost town.

It’s also the perfect first photo because it is a great example of what I’d like to feature here on Observation Desk–not necessarily the places I visit to work, but the places I pass through on my way to work.  I’m going from a thirty-second commute (seriously–I live three blocks from the school in which I teach) to future day-long commutes.  This photo was taken in the middle of a 600-mile round trip drive from my home in PA to a small town in Massachusetts.  I did this drive to work for one day.  And I’m perfectly fine with that–happy even–because it means that I occasionally get to see quaint little towns like this one.

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