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New Series: Observation Desk


For the past eight years, I’ve had exactly the same view from my desk–the view pictured above.  The teacher area in my classroom is right up against the one window in the rather large room, and when I have time to look out the window, this is what I see.

That’s all about to change.

Over the course of the next few months, I will be slowly-but-surely transitioning from one career to another.  And, while I will still be working in the field of education, my new career requires 100% travel.

I’m sure you can imagine how I feel about that.

I’ve never wanted a corner office.  I’ve never wanted a big, mahogany desk with a brass nameplate.  And that’s good–because I’ll never have any of those things.  What I will have is exactly what I need–a different view almost every single day.  And I’ll be sharing those views with you here on The Suitcase Scholar.

Observation Desk Post Guidelines

-Each post will feature one photo and a short narrative.

I will only post Observation Desk photos on work-related trips.

-The photos will be taken only with my iPhone.

-The photos will be filtered, most likely using Camera Awesome (the best darn photo app ever).

Each photo must be taken through a window.  It can be the window of a car, plane, or building.

I am extremely excited about this new stage in my life.  I truly feel that I’m finally moving toward a life that integrates that-which-I-love with that-which-sustains-me.  Will it be a difficult transition?  Absolutely.  Will I be traveling to less-than-beautiful locations?  You bet.  Will I be tired, stressed-out, and frustrated from time to time?  Certainly.  But soon, every one of my days will be different from the one before.

I can’t wait.

As I’ve already sort-of started down this new path, I already have one Observation Desk post scheduled–stay tuned, it (and many others) is (are) coming soon!

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