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Modern in Midtown: The TRYP Hotel Times Square


As I was visiting New York City for the New York Times Travel Show, it seemed only appropriate that I stay at a hotel named TRYP.  But TRYP Hotel is more than aptly named.  It is also the quintessential New York City hotel with super-modern rooms, ultra-hip lobby bar, and stunning views.  And depending upon the purpose of your visit, it is pretty well-located to boot.

First, I simply must talk about the bathroom.  Well, more specifically, the shower.  Hotel showers can be one of three things: a perfectly perfunctory experience, a perfectly awful experience, or a special treat.  The shower at TRYP was, thankfully, the latter.  It was a glass-and-tile-and chrome masterpiece, complete with rain shower and handheld nozzle.  And one whole wall was a window.  A shower with a view–what more could you want?  (Other than, perhaps, to live across the street from a shower with a view…ahem…)


And speaking of views, I’m not going to lie–I typically care not-at-all about the view from a hotel room.  After all, when I’m in my room I’m either writing or sleeping.  I don’t need to stare out the window.  But I spent the entire sunset hour admiring the view from my 15th floor room at TRYP.  Oh and I took a bunch of photos too.



Yes, the view was the best part of my room at TRYP.  But this is not to say that the room itself was not an enjoyable experience.  In fact, it had everything I desired in a hotel room–a great work space complete with ample outlets for everything-I-own-that-must-be-charged, a comfortable king bed with lavender-scented sheets, and free and fast wifi.  As an added bonus, it was also very New York City-esque, featuring high, loft-like ceilings, hardwood floors, and tons of huge windows which provided the view about which I’ve been raving.


Of course, all sleep and no drinking makes Tracy…well, unhappy.  And while I typically poo-poo hotel bars as depressing places full of sad, lonely business travelers, the bar at TRYP was actually a destination in and of itself.  People came just to have drinks and tapas at Gastro Bar, and two of those people–locals in the neighborhood for the motorcycle show at Javits–gave me a great restaurant suggestion: a Peruvian restaurant only a few blocks away (detailed blog post to come!)

And speaking of blocks, TRYP’s location is ideal for a variety of purposes.  If you are visiting the city to attend an event at Javits, you are about as close as you can get without sleeping on the showroom floor.  Penn Station is literally around the corner, Herald Square is a few blocks away, and Times Square is a ten minute brisk walk from the doorstep (fifteen if you are not a brisk walker).  For a variety of great dining options you need only walk half a block west to 9th Ave., where you will find a variety of Italian and Thai restaurants, a variety of pubs, and even one place called ‘Burgers and Cupcakes’ that’s pretty self-explanatory.


TRYP is a boutique imprint of the Wyndham hotel chain, and is located at 345 W 35th Street, between 8th and 9th Avenues.  Rates start at $168/night, a veritable steal in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.  

Disclosure Statement:  I was offered a media rate for the duration of my stay at TRYP.  However, as always, all opinions are my own.  If something is awesome, I’ll tell you; if something sucks, I’ll tell you that, too.  





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