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Happy New Year: Travels in 2013

What a difference a year makes.  Last year I wrote a post places I wanted to visit in the new year; this year I’m writing a post about places I will be visiting in 2013.  And I’m happy to announce that–despite ‘having to’ go back to work after my year-long career break–I’ve managed to schedule one trip per month for the entire 2013 calendar year.

Yes, you read that correctly–one trip per month.

To be fair, many of them are long weekend (or even just ‘weekend’) trips, but that’s ok.  Because as you will see, the ten-week span between mid-June and late-August more than makes up for a few short winter and spring trips.

January:  I’m spending the weekend of my birthday in New York City–not to celebrate but to attend the New York Times Travel Show.  But really, this is me we are talking about.  A giant convention hall full of tourism boards is totally my kind of celebration.

February:  There’s nothing like Rhode Island in the dead of winter, right?  Ok, well maybe not.  But I’m still going to Newport for Presidents weekend.

March:  It’s no secret that I love New Orleans, and that’s where I shall return for Easter break.  This time I’m actually taking my husband with me.  Together we shall gain many, many pounds.  Cornmeal crusted soft shell crab eggs Benedict, I’m coming for you.

April:  Now for something completely different–a student council field trip to Boston.  That’s right, I’m finally visiting Boston.  As a chaperone.  I’m thinking there will be considerably fewer bar stops on this trip than on…well…any other trip I’ve ever taken!

May: May means Mother’s Day, and there’s nothing my mother loves more than Walt Disney World.  We are visiting for a long weekend only and plan to spend time both together and solo during our super-short visit.

June:  Oh June, how I love you.  June 2013 brings two trips–one small and one giant.  The first weekend of the month will find me in Toronto to attend TBEX, the largest travel blogger conference in the world (to the best of my knowledge; correct me if I’m wrong!)  And two short weeks later I will be off on my summer road trip; during the last two weeks of June I will travel to Chicago, The Black Hills of South Dakota, and then on to Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park.

July:  All of July will be spent on the road.  From Grand Teton I will continue on to Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, and Seattle.  I will then place my husband on a plane, and as soon as his tray table is secured I’ll continue on to Portland, southeastern Utah, and Durango, Colorado.

August:  Are we there yet?  Nope!  I’m still on the road.  From Colorado I’ll drive south to Santa Fe for a few days.  And then–well, I haven’t quite gotten that far yet.  Though I do know that I’ll be driving in a generally north-easterly direction, as I need to return home by the 20th of the month or so.  Because school begins again.  I may end up with one really long driving day (or two) after Santa Fe, just so I can be sure to hit Memphis, Nashville, and Asheville before I’m forced to return home.

September:  Back-to-school month is never a good travel month when you are a teacher.  But after the great time I had last year, I’m confident I’ll be returning to The Greenwich Wine and Food Festival in Greenwich, Connecticut.  I plan to stay for the weekend and ideally take some girlfriends with me.  Hey girlfriends–if you are reading this–want to come with me?

October:  This is not at all set in stone, but in my head I plan to attend TBEX Europe in Dublin.  It will have to be a crazy-short trip–particularly considering I’ll have to fly across the Atlantic–but still.  I’m going.

November:  For my Thanksgiving trip next year, I’m doing something unprecedented:  driving North.  I’ll spend Thanksgiving in Quebec City, a place that’s been on my short list for a very long time.

December:  My holiday break is longer than usual next year; because Christmas is on a Wednesday, I’ll have two full weeks off.  And what better way to celebrate a longer-than-average vacation than to go to the land where everything is bigger?  San Antonio, Texas, at Christmastime sounds lovely, don’t you think?

While everything from Santa Fe on is as-of-yet unplanned and unbooked, that all looks about right.  Of course, I reserve the right to add a trip or two here and there throughout the year as well.  In fact, I guarantee that will happen.

Welcome 2013.  I’m so glad the Mayans were wrong about you.

Suitcase Scholar readers–where will your travels take you in the new year?  Share your upcoming trips in the comments section below.  Seriously–make ‘commenting on more blogs’ your New Year’s resolution.  It’s way easier than that old ‘lose 20 pounds’ resolution; you can even eat a cookie while doing it!


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