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The Suitcase Scholar’s Travels in 2012: A Photographic Retrospective

It’s the week between Christmas and the new year; most people are spending time with friends and family, relaxing, or traveling.  Thus, I thought I’d forgo the traditional ‘this is what I did all year’ text-filled post and instead share my 2012 travels in photo form.

I bring to you The Suitcase Scholar 2012 Photographic Retrospective.  It is designed in typical calendar layout, and features gerund-phrase captions for your reading enjoyment.


Wandering through Audubon park.

Falling in love with New Orleans

Riding in the rain in Jamaica


Swimming with stingrays

Checking out ruins–and lizards

Straying from the tour group in Tulum


One More Disney Day–24 Hours in the Magic Kingdom (ok, so this was really February 29th. And I didn’t stay for the full 24 hours. Still.)


Visiting Georgetown

Taking impossible badass photos of my husband on a segway (because it is impossible to be badass on a segway).


Hiking in Yosemite

Sipping (sparkling) wine in the Napa Valley

Sitting by the dock of the bay (wasting time) in San Francisco


Pondering the meanings of odd signs in Montreal (I figured this one out!)


Wandering pink sand beaches


Riding the bus on Nantucket


Relishing the Cape Cod National Seashore

Photographing Provincetown


You’ll note that I don’t have a photo for September; that’s because I returned to work this month and did not go anywhere fun.  Well, that’s actually not true–I did quite a bit of hiking locally.  But I didn’t take my giant camera.  Thus, there are no good photos.  Sorry!


Eating and drinking at the Greenwich Wine and Food Festival


Hiking Shenandoah

Paying my respects to President Jefferson at Monticello

Getting scholarly at UVA


There’s no photo for December yet, but that’s because I’m out taking December photos.  At Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water and in snow-covered Pittsburgh.  So stay tuned–I promise even more travels (and even more photos) in 2013.

And speaking of 2013–I will be working and traveling and travel blogging for the entire calendar year.  It is my personal goal–and sort-of New Year’s resolution–to have a 2013 travel photo retrospective that rivals this year’s in both quantity and quality.  I may get very little sleep in the process, but that’s ok.  It’s going to be a wonderful new year.

Vote for your favorite Suitcase Scholar travel photo of 2013!  Share your thoughts on these–and all other photos featured on The Suitcase Scholar during 2012–in the comments section below.  Help me improve my photography skills by letting me know what you like–and what you don’t like.  And have a very happy new year! 


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