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Thanksgiving on the Road: Zen Thankfulness

This photo was taken not three hours ago, at the summit of the Hawksbill trail in Shenandoah National Park. Trust me–I was thankful to reach the top!


Last Thanksgiving, I wrote a post about all that I was thankful for–and surprise surprise, everything was travel-related.  I didn’t do that this year, mainly because I didn’t have time; I was too busy getting ready for this trip while also working 12 hour days (please note that the ‘getting ready for this trip’ part took very little time, as evidenced by the fact that I forgot to bring a jacket).

But that’s ok.  I don’t mind being busy, because it helps to keep me in the moment.  For example, right now I’m super-in-the-moment, writing this quickly between a day of hiking and a 6pm dinner reservation.  But I’m also very, very thankful–for things that are happening right now.  And so I bring to you my list of zen-thankfulness–things that I’m thankful for today.  Tomorrow I’ll have a totally new list.  And for that, I’m truly thankful.

My Zen Thankfulness List

Right now–as in right this very second–I am thankful for…

-The joy of waking up in a new town.

-The freedom to leave that town almost immediately.

-Bluegrass music and open highway.

-My camera, my iPhone, and the Camera Awesome app.

-The ability to walk up a mountain.  In a skirt.

-Sunshine.  And a mild late-November sunburn.

-Free wifi with an Omni Hotels Select Guest membership–which is also free.

-The Charlottesville Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.  And the Thomas Jefferson pen they gave me.

-The good people at the Ivy Inn, who are–as I write this–cooking my Thanksgiving dinner.

-The em-dash and the colon; the semi-colon isn’t bad, either.

-This blog, and all of the people I’ve met both online and in the real world because of it.

-A toiletry bag that’s always packed and also contains a cork screw.

-The cheese plate someone just delivered to my room.  (Seriously.  Like just now.)

Happy Thanksgiving, Suitcase Scholar readers.  May your turkey be moist, your cranberry sauce be bouncy, and your pumpkin pie covered with Redi-Whip (because Cool Whip is gross).


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