Possibly My Perfect Day: The Greenwich Food and Wine Festival

Yeah–that pretty much sums it up.


Loyal Suitcase Scholar readers know about my love of all things edible.  I travel to learn first and to eat second–and it’s a really close second.  In the best possible situation, I’m able to eat and learn at the same time.  In fact, if I had to design my perfect day, it would involve:

PEI is known for oysters. So that’s what I eat when I’m on PEI.

1.  Traveling somewhere new.

2.  Eating amazing food.

3.  Learning something interesting.

4.  Meeting new people.

5.  Writing about all of the above.


Fortunately I’ll be able to do all of those things this coming Saturday, and I won’t even need to travel that far from home.  I’ll be attending the Greenwich Food and Wine Festival in Greenwich, Connecticut and I’m very excited about it.  First, I’ve never been to Greenwich.  So ‘somewhere new’–check.  I’ll be partaking in the offerings of over ninety (90!) food and wine (wine!) samples.  So ‘eat amazing food’–check!  I will enjoy a variety of cooking demonstrations (that I hope will help me cope with the fact that this season’s Top Chef just ended).  So ‘learn something new’–check.  I’m sure at some point I’ll talk to at least one other person–if not fifteen.  And, of course, I’ll be taking notes and photos the whole time so that I can come back here and tell you all about it.  Meet new people and write about all of it–check and check!

I could not be more excited.  Check back next week to read all about my experience at the Greenwich Food and Wine Festival.

Want to join me at the Greenwich Food and Wine Festival this weekend?  You can learn all about the events–and celebrity chefs (celebrity chefs!)–at this link.  And you can buy tickets HERE.  One day tickets for the Saturday portion start at $95 per person and include all food and wine tastings plus an evening of music.  Gregg Allman is headlining (Gregg Allman!)


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