San Francisco’s Green Spaces: Fort Mason

Fort Mason wasn’t on my list of must-visit green spaces, but I found myself there quite by accident and am extremely glad that I did.  It was one of those pleasant travel surprises that one stumbles upon that almost makes up for some of the disappointing places you visited on purpose (Place des Arts in Montreal, I’m looking at you!)  There are a variety of reasons why Fort Mason Park is a great addition to any San Francisco visit.  Here are my top three:

Location, Location, Location

Fort Mason park is located in the extreme north portion of the city, sandwiched between the Presidio and the Marina in the west and the western portion of Fisherman’s Wharf in the east.  So, say, if you got on the wrong bus trying to leave the Presidio, you might just end up here.  Not that that’s what happened to me…ahem.

But the location makes it a great restful stop between two less-than-restful locations–a walking (or running or biking) tour of the Presidio and a visit to Ghiardelli Square.  And that’s exactly what I did–enjoyed a very relaxing break on my way to a serious hot fudge sundae.

People Watching Central

On a sunny day, Fort Mason is filled with people and dogs and kites and frisbees.  You don’t even need to bring a book–though it would make a great book reading area as well.  You can just sit back and people watch.  But if is a sunny day, you may want to wear sun screen.  I might just be the only person who has ever visited San Francisco and came home with a sunburn.

Most Quintessential San Francisco View

Imagine my shock and pleasant surprise when, after trudging up a hill having gotten off of the wrong bus, I turned around to see postcard-worthy San Francisco view spread out before me.  See the photo in the header?  Blame it on years of watching Full House, but this is how I always imagined San Francisco.  I’m glad the wrong bus took me there.

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