New Blog Series: One Thousand Words

Just one of the twenty eight thousand plus photos I've never used.


I recently read somewhere that something like seventy percent of all photos taken never leave the memory card.  This statistic made me very sad–like there are millions upon millions of photos out there that will never get to fulfill their photo destiny.  It also made me proud–all of my photos make it off the memory card, many get edited, and many of the edited ones find their way here, to The Suitcase Scholar.

Or do they?

To date, I have over thirty thousand photos in various forms of electronic storage.  I also have written a little over four hundred blog posts here on The Suitcase Scholar, and let’s just say maybe a hundred more posts elsewhere.  Assuming an average of three photos per post, that’s only fifteen hundred of my photos that are being used–a shocking 5% of all of the photos I’ve taken and stored.

Something must be done.

And so I bring to you a new blog series called One Thousand Words.  At least twice per month, I will select one of my photos–one that had not previously been used here or elsewhere–and use it to write a thousand-or-so word post.  It will always be a travel photo and the post will always be travel-themed and, if possible, present some sort of lesson.  So stay tuned for the first One Thousand Words post coming next week!

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