Guest Post: Talking Photography on SoloFriendly.com


All travel bloggers have favorite travel blogs–other than their own, of course–and one of my personal favorites is Solo Friendly, an everything-solo-travel blog run by the amazing and frighteningly similar to me Gray Cargill.

Gray is so awesome, in fact, that she lets me do guest blog posts from time to time, and today’s is one of my personal favorites–Getting Creative with Self-Photography.  In typical Suitcase Scholar fashion, it is educational, creative, and full of photos (though all of these photos are of me, so they are slightly less lovely than the me-free shots!)

So hurry on over to Solo Friendly and check it out.  Clicking almost anywhere in this post will take you there, as I went a little link-happy this morning.  Be sure to explore the rest of the blog while you are there, and don’t be afraid to comment!  Thanks for visiting!

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