Last Minute Decision: Should I Stay or Should I Go?


Driving here required conquring my fear of bridges. Photo Credit: Nia Jean Ross


I don’t usually do this, but tomorrow (well, today on the east coast) I have a bonus day. That is, I don’t have any plans, I have a car, and I’m not scheduled to leave for Yosemite until the following day. It’s 10:30 pm and I still don’t know what I’m going to do–so I thought I’d ask all of you.

I feel I have two fairly good options. I shall label them in a way that allows you to make a decision even if you don’t feel like reading the descriptions. Ahem…

Option 1: Super Motivated, Go-Go-Go Option

I get up super early, check out of my hotel in San Francisco, and drive down the coast. I take route 1 slowly, stopping to take photos. I spend the afternoon in the Monterey Aquarium and the evening–around sunset–driving the 17-mile drive and taking a photo of that one famous tree on a rocky outcropping. I get a super cheap motel room somewehre near Monterey and then drive directly to Yosemite the following morning.

Option 2: Super Laid-Back, Relaxing Option

I sleep in. I go out for breakfast. I then spend the rest of the day doing things I wanted to do in San Francisco that I didn’t get to yet–likely the Japanese Tea Garden and Lands End. Maybe drive up to Twin Peaks for the view (I really like views) if I decide to spend my day exploring by car rather than by public transport. In that case, I could go to Sausilito. Or I could JUST have breakfast, go to the park, and have dinner. I maybe spend the evening doing laundry and reading my Yosemite book.

I am equally excited about both options. On the one hand, option 2 sounds great becasue I’m so tired–and because I want to be refreshed for Yosemite. I can do as little or as much as I want, and I don’t have to check out of this hotel early (I love this hotel, and it is dirt cheap). I don’t even have to move my car if I don’t want to. However, option 1 seems like the thing that I should do. After all, I’m here. I have a car. When am I ever going to get to drive down Route 1 again? Doesn’t it seem like I SHOULD do it?

Please note: Because of the cost of parking in the city, each of these options will likely end up costing about the same amount of money, even though I’d have to get another hotel for the night given option 1 (yes, parking really is that expensive here). So–thoughts? Reply quickly, because I have to make up my mind ASAP!

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