Things I’ve Learned: To Be a Traveler

On one of my last days at sea on my last cruise, I was having many realizations about the world and the people in it.  I blame the sheer amount of free time I was faced with.  An un-busy mind can be a scary, scary thing.  Here’s one of my simpler revelations…

Travelers don't have to wear funny hats. But I do.

Eating dinner tonight, I was amazed by the conversation happening between two of my table mates.  They were both in their 60’s, both lived in the Pacific northwest, and both once owned boats—big boats—but have since switched to RVs.  They obviously both like to cruise, considering the fact that they were having this conversation on the Voyager of the Seas.

So I have to ask myself…what gives?  And the answer is simple—there are some people that simply are travelers.  Sure, when you’re in your 20’s, it is fun to buy a Eurail pass and backpack through Europe.  I’m willing to be that in their 30’s, these same couples did many road trips by car—just like my husband and I have been doing.  I’m sure they then graduated to boat ownership  Because hell, I’m 32 and I love the idea of owning a sail boat.  But eventually the upkeep became too much, and they decided they’d rather sail on giant ships, like this one.  And see the world—or at least the parts you can drive to–that they likely skipped whilst bumming around Europe in the 70’s.  And they want to do this in the most comfortable way possible.  Enter the RV.

So I guess what I’m getting a here is this:  Yes, there are and always will be people who will look at me quizzically and ask ‘why do you need to travel so often?’ But I will also always find people who will completely understand–because they have been there.  Or, more accurately, they’ve been many places.  And these people can be any age, from any part of the world, of any socio-economic status, hold any job, prefer any mode of travel.  But they are still travelers.  And I guess I’m one of them.

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