Why I Travel: The Revised Version

Me and my cruise buddies from my trip to Bermuda.


Several months ago, I wrote about why I travel.  I wrote that post at a time in my life when I was (clearly) feeling a bit stuck.  Now that I’m unstuck, I have a slightly different perspective.  Yes, I still travel to break up the monotony of every day life.  I also travel because I love to learn, take photos, and find inspiration for writing (and this blog, the most expensive hobby anyone could ever have).  But lately, the more I think about it, the more another reason floats to the surface.

I travel because traveling gives me the opportunity to meet and interact with so many different people from around the country and world.

Looking back over my past trips, it was the people I met that made each trip special.  From the lovely couple that we shared a meal with in New Brunswick to the random teacher I chatted with at a Bar Harbor pub to the lovely ladies I met on my last cruise, every person I’ve met on my travels has enriched my life in some way.  Some have even become forever friends.  And that’s the best souvenir anyone could ever ask for.

This next trip is exciting for me in part because of the people I know I will get to meet, as well as the people I don’t even know I’ll be meeting yet.  I have plans to meet up with two not-yet-friends, and know that I will surely meet many more friends-to-be I’ve not even anticipated.  So if you are out in the world and see someone who looks like me, say hello to her.  Even if she’s not me, she’s a possible friend-to-be.  And she just might make your trip all the more interesting and fun.

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