Road Trip Photo of the Day: Hopewell Rocks

Here’s a tip for anyone contemplating going to Hopewell Rocks hoping to get good photos:  go during the first low tide of the day. 

I set my alarm for 6 am…and then at 6 am proceeded to turn it off and sleep until 8:00.  Thus, we ended up heading out to Hopewell Rocks during the second low tide of the day, which was at 7 pm.  Well, guess what?  That’s a crappy time to take photos.  To your east, you have the Bay of Fundy; to the west, a giant cliff.  Guess where the sun is?  Behind the cliff.  Duh.  But we did manage to find this one flowerpot rock that was still bathed in sunlight, and I did manage to find an angle that worked.  Whew!

Aside from the trip to Hopewell Rocks, we also did two different hikes today, one rather strenuous.  I’m beat!

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