Halifax: The Trifecta of Travel Dining

A while back I posted three reasons why I already loved Nova Scotia. Well, I’m here now, and I’ll get into how much I like it in a bit (I’m having computer issues so this is being written on my phone.) But I wanted to take this opportunity to revisit reason #3 from that previous post. It was a Haligonian named Vanessa who commented here and gave me an awesome list of things to do and places to eat in Halifax.

I’m typing this with my thumbs to say that I took that advice and had a meal that definitely made the top five ‘best things I’ve ever eaten’ list. It was a red curry noodle soup from Cha Baa Thai. Oh. My. God. Best meal ever. And it was right down the street from our hotel–and it was crazy reasonably priced. That is the trifecta of travel dining!

So thanks Vanessa, if you are reading this! And everyone else–come to Halifax. Photos and more to come!

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