The Joy of an Under-Planned Vacation

Resting at the end of Burnt Head trail, Monhegan Island, Maine

Being the OCD planner that I am, there’s no way I could have done this trip without at least planning a route and booking lodging.  But that’s really all I planned—and that lack of planning is serving us very well.

We didn’t plan to eat at any of the amazing restaurants we’ve visited so far.  We didn’t make reservations, and occasionally we had to wait for a table.  But we’ve had some of the best meals we’ve ever had in the last three days—all unplanned.  One was at a place called McSeagulls.  Would I ever make reservations for a place called McSeagulls?  No way!  But it was a great time.

We didn’t plan the impromptu afternoon sail with our innkeeper in Ogunquit.  Hell, I didn’t even know that our innkeeper had a sail boat.  We didn’t plan to arrive in Kennebunkport at just the right time to enjoy it before the crowds.  We didn’t plan to spend our ‘Boothbay Harbor day’ on Monhegan Island. 

We didn’t plan any of that.  And we’re having an amazing time.

So far we’ve spent two nights in Ogunquit and are entering our second night in Boothbay Harbor; tomorrow we leave for Bar Harbor and Acadia.  We’ve walked the Marginal Way, checked out Ogunquit beach and town proper, poked around the touristy part of Boothbay Harbor, spent a little less than an hour in Kennebunkport, enjoyed two fantastic meals in Ogunquit and three in Boothbay Harbor, sailed a small sail boat, and spent a day hiking and taking photos on Monhegan Island.  Oh—and watched one beautiful sunset whilst listening to the gulls and the church bells.

Did I mention that I didn’t plan any of that?  I may just be on to something.

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