Word of the Day: Unprepared

One week from today we will officially be on our road trip.  As of right now, I know where my passport is, I bought two pairs of capri pants, and I keep meaning to stock up on beef jerky (beef jerky–the ultimate road trip snack.)

I have never been this unprepared for a trip.  Ironically, I’ve also never had this much time to prepare for a trip.

Last year we went to Vegas a day or two after the last day of school.  A few days after we returned, we left for Europe.  Each time I’ve gone to Disney in the last year (all three times) my plane has left two hours after getting home from work that day.  I’ve been off from work since June 20th, we leave in a week, and I have nothing.

I don’t even have a checklist.

What is wrong with me?




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