How to Make an Extremely OCD Checklist

By nature, I suppose all checklists are the result of obsessive compulsions.  But I feel I’ve truly out-OCD’ed myself this time.  I figured out the best way to create and organize my packing checklist.  I’ve organized it by room.

The way I see it, packing is simply a way of figuring out which things from your regular life you need to take on a trip and then gathering them up.  So what better way to think about what you need than to picture the various rooms in your house and imagine what you’d need on your trip based on the activities that take place in that room?

Still not with me?  Come along down my path of insanity, won’t you?

For example–bedroom:  clothing, pillows, pajamas.  Bathroom–shampoo and finger nail clippers.  Living room–books.  Office–netbook, chargers, all paperwork needed for travels, and a variety of chargers.  I even thought about the garage–bike and bike tire pump–and the porch–citronella candles and a tablecloth for picnics.  Because we are traveling to remote locations and staying in efficiency units, I’ve included a dining room and kitchen category, too.

This method of list organization makes sense for a second reason.  It’s kind of like how I organize my grocery lists by aisle.  When I get to the bathroom portion of the list, I go into the bathroom to gather my supplies; the same is true for the kitchen portion and even the garage portion.

Isn’t OCD great?

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