Follow my Friend: Learning Spanish in Mexico City

I am always excited to find a new travel blog, and this one is even more exciting because it is being written by my oldest friend (as in ‘friend I’ve had for the longest amount of time’, not ‘friend of mine who is really old’!)  Check out The Mexico City Blog to read all about Nia’s adventures in Espanol as she and her boyfriend spend six weeks studying at the Universitario Nacional Autonoman de Mexico (which she refers to as UNAM because, well, that’s a really long name!)

While Nia is new to blogging, she’s not new to travel.  In fact, she’s my travel inspiration much of the time (mainly when I’m freaking out…which as you know is quite often!)  While I’ve known–and loved–her since we were three years old, it would be difficult for me to think of a person more different than myself.  She’s the kind of ‘no worries’ traveler (and human being) that I couldn’t ever dream of becoming.  In fact, she spent some time this past spring in Spain and Morocco–a place that I have absolutely no intention of visiting (I mean really, if I had culture shock in Paris, imagine me in Morocco!) though wish that I could.

Because of this difference, we will likely never travel together (she would kill me–or at least really want to!)  But I can travel ‘with’ her through her new blog.  And so can you!

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